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The Disadvantages of Being an Auto Mechanic

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Auto mechanics get to work on vehicles that have either been brought in for service due to everyday wear or those vehicles that have been involved in a collision. There is never a shortage of work for the auto mechanic as there can be in other jobs, and the job of the mechanic is a respected job that requires training and a good pay base. The everyday challenges of the various types of automobiles coming through the shop make for interesting and intense work, but the job does carry some disadvantages.

Varied Cars

A car is not like any other car. Each car has different specs and different arrangements for the parts. The differences between the vehicles can make it difficult to work on the different cars. Many garages specialize in either a specific make or region of vehicle to help to prevent confusion and to speed up repair times. The auto mechanic may need to attend various classes to keep updated on the changes in the auto industry.

Customer Irritation

Most customers do not know what is wrong with their vehicle. They may easily think that something that is a complex fix should be an easy fix and can become irate when confronted with a high bill. The customers may also expect the vehicle back faster than what is actually possible and become upset when told that the vehicle will not be ready on their time schedule.

Physical Stress

Many of the auto components are very heavy. This can make it very difficult to remove and to install different parts. Many cars are not built so that they can be easily taken apart, this means that some strength will be necessary to disassemble the vehicle. While there are car lifts that raise the vehicle to a more accessible level, mechanics may find that they need to bend over and work at length in poor posture.


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