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What Types of Jobs Are at a City Hall?

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Mayors hold the most well-known city hall jobs. City halls require other workers to help support the city. Some workers are employed in a variety of departments, including the department of finance, public works and water. Most city hall employees work daytime business hours. Employers offer benefit packages that often include salary, health insurance and paid time off.

City Managers

City managers are responsible for the overall administration of a city or town. Duties include monitoring all department heads and preparing annual budgets for city council members. Minimum qualifications include a bachelor's in public or business administration with coursework in finance, economics and management. Some cities require executive-level experience with an understanding of city laws. As of February 2010, shows an average salary of $70,000 per year.

Deputy City Clerks

Deputy city clerks act under the guidance of city clerks and provide administrative support. Some of these administrative duties include preparing city council minutes, assisting city clerks with budget planning and updating operations manuals. Minimum qualifications include a high school diploma with administrative experience or an associate's degree. Additional skills include communication and computer abilities. As of February 2010, shows the average salary for a city clerk is $45,000 per year.

Director of Public Works

The director of public works is responsible for the maintenance of city-related programs, including street cleanings and parking meters. Administrative duties involve handling the public works budgets and monitoring public works employees such as the waste water superintendent. Minimum qualifications are a bachelor's in business management or public service. Other qualifications include prior work experience and knowledge of governmental operations. As of February 2010, shows the average salary is $110,000 per year.

Water Meter Supervisors

Water meter supervisors perform an administrative duties. One supervisory duty involves supervising the work of water meter technicians. Other supervisory duties include establishing guidelines for water technicians and scheduling staff technician meetings. Minimum qualifications include a high school diploma with work experience as a water meter technician. Strong interpersonal and computer skills are sought by city employers. As of February 2010, the average salary for water meter supervisors is $34,000 per year.


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