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Types of Jobs Being Outsourced

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One method companies use to cut costs is to outsource jobs to third-party companies, paying cheaper rates for the same services that they might have had a dedicated, salaried employee fulfilling before. Many of these outsourced jobs are given to overseas firms, where foreign employees work for much lower hourly wages than their American counterparts.

Data Entry

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Data entry jobs also tend to be popular overseas as the involved tasks normally don’t require the employee to have a solid grasp of English, as they must simply be able to recognize and correctly input strings of numbers and letters without a need for comprehension.

Technical Support

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Software companies such as Apple or Microsoft have such a larger customer base calling in or visiting online technical support that they must hire overseas phone and service centers to handle the amount of traffic. Technical support staffs are trained to analyze and fix a variety of common technical issues, often diagnosing the situation according to a pre-set list of questions that they run through with each customer.

Customer Service

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Similar to technical support positions, customer service jobs are outsourced because large staffing centers can be trained to handle incoming customer questions or complaints from numerous companies, increasing efficiency and, hopefully, customer satisfaction. Outsourced customer service jobs can include duties such as handling billing questions, product returns and registering customer feedback in a courteous and informative manner.


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A company can outsource financial jobs to an individual or corporation specifically equipped to handle tasks such as payroll, benefits and bill processing. This saves the company the time it might once have used handling communication with insurance or medical bills, filling out accounting forms and monitoring budgets.


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Two aspects of writing that are often outsourced are copywriting and proofreading. While companies may not have the budget needed to hire a professional writer, they still want their advertising and marketing copy written in an attractive and compelling manner. Therefore they outsource the job to freelance writers, who come in on a contractual basis to complete individual projects on a need-to-write basis.