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What Are the Benefits of Being a Coach?

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Whether you are the coach of an athletic team or a group of people in a workplace environment, there are many benefits to the position. Not only are you responsible for motivating an entire group of people, but also you offer advice, direction and inspiration in a coaching role. Realizing the benefits of coaching will encourage you to further excel in this position, ensuring a win-win situation for both you as a coach and the people under your mentorship.

Delegation Skill-Building

One of the hallmarks of a successful coach is the ability to delegate the right responsibilities to the right people. This is a skill acquired over time as you settle into your coaching role and one of the benefits of being a coach. You gain the opportunity to learn the best way to delegate, ways to communicate when you do and the added benefit of developing much closer relationships with staff or team members as you work together to assign and complete tasks.

Greater Results

If you are an effective coach, then one of the greater benefits is increased results in terms of team goals. When you successfully motivate and encourage team members toward their personal goals, the end result is the greater success of the team once personal goals are married to team ones. You also have the benefit of pointing out to each team member how he directly impacted the team's ability to reach its goal, which is encouraging for both the team members and you.

Team Building

There are few greater feelings of satisfaction to a coach than the moment a team comes together and learns to work together toward an end goal. For example, athletic coaches revel in teams that work well together, regardless of whether they win or lose. Business coaches feel the same way when employees band together to positively impact a company's bottom line. As the coach, you have the benefit of being the one to establish the team mentality among your employees or team members. And, it is you who feels the greatest sense of satisfaction when there is a positive outcome because of your ability to build a solid team.


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