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The Roles of an Estate Manager

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According to, an estate manager is a person that wears many hats. Serving as a personal assistant and property manager for the wealthy, an estate manager oversees human resources, property sales, maintenance and other areas that require a knowledgeable, business-minded touch. Because his task is so diverse, it usually helps to have a well-rounded background that includes a business degree or personal assistant experience of some sort.

Human Resources Manager

The estate manager is the final say in hiring and firing on an estate. Often, there are multiple properties to staff, each requiring a different mix of employees to run successfully. Depending on the range of properties, the estate manager may need to hire auto mechanics, gardeners, housekeepers and numerous other staffers. To do this well, she must be able to manage these employees as if they compose a small company. They also must deal with uncomfortable tasks like termination, discussing raises and discipline. The estate manager heads off all the staff problems so that they never reach the ears of his employers.

Acquisitions Research and Management

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A good estate manager is on hand to assist in the purchase of assets, whether its a new polo pony or ski property. He will do extensive research on the item, weighing the value and finding the best possible deal for the buyer before purchase. The estate manager make inquiries and attends informational meetings for their employer, freeing his boss for other pursuits. It helps to be a good bargainer and negotiator, as well as a savvy shopper, when handling these big-dollar purchases.

Event Planning

Even though a wealthy family might hire an event planning service, the party staff will defer to the estate manager. In some cases, she'll handle the event herself. The estate manager will use her contacts and know-how to rent chairs, secure a venue, ready the grounds and prepare the food for any size bash the family wishes to throw. Event size ranges from a small family barbecue to a wedding with 1,000 guests or more. No matter what the number of guests may be, a competent estate manger works hard to facilitate a worry-free event for her employer.

Property Management

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One of the more important tasks for an estate manager is to keep the property looking good. A large estate, or chain of estates, needs regular care. The estate manager knows who to call for a plugged-up toilet, to tune the grand piano, or repaint the nursery. He keeps a centralized schedule of repair work and is able to time jobs in as minimally invasive manner as possible. The estate manager is also responsible for dispersing payment to these contractors, as well as monitoring the quality of the work. Yacht, car and pool maintenance also falls under their purview.


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