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How to Get Licensed & Certified to Preach the Gospel

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It is important to get a license to preach the gospel when you sense the call of God to minister to people spiritually. As a licensed minister you have the right to preach, teach, and officiate weddings. In addition, you can conduct funerals and baptisms among other spiritual exercises. Once you get your license, it is imperative that you act within the law or face license revocation that would hinder you from performing certain ceremonies. Getting a license to preach the gospel as a minister is a fairly easy process.


Attending a bible school or seminary is one of the ways to get licensed and certified to preach the gospel. However, this method will take time, as some institutions may require you to study for several years before you complete your studies and receive your license to preach the gospel. The method is also costly as you have to pay school fees. The benefits of going to seminary school are the extensive training you receive to handle a variety of spiritual issues, and the credibility you receive, especially from those who value formal training.

Local Church

You can also get licensed and certified to preach the gospel by consulting your local church leaders. It is important to research the unique process of getting a license to preach from your local church, as different churches have different requirements. According to the United Methodist Church's website, the process of becoming a licensed local pastor involves consulting the church leadership, studying various materials to better understand your call, completing studies at a licensed school and finally getting approval by the conference board of ordained ministry.


In addition, you can also get licensed and certified to preach the gospel through an interdenominational church or ministry, which means that you do not need to be a member of the church or ministry where you are seeking to get a license. Interdenominational churches and ministries help people from all walks of faith get licensed and certified to preach the gospel, without requiring them to be members of their churches or ministries.


Online registration is another way of getting a license and certification to preach the gospel. Various churches and ministries offer this easy alternative for those who are willing to become licensed ministers. Online licensing has the advantage of reaching millions of people who have access to a computer with Internet. Certain ministries have licensed and certified millions of people to preach the gospel through this method.

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