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A Leasing Executive's Job Description

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Leasing executives, consultants and agents show prospective tenants available properties to rent or lease. They also answer questions about the properties. After a prospective tenant agrees to rent or lease a property, the leasing executive may also complete application and lease form and collect a rental deposit. Leasing executives may also perform a range of property-related duties, such as maintenance.


A leasing executive with a property management company is essentially a salesman who also provides customer services. When showing a prospective tenant a property, you must be familiar enough with it to describe the benefits of residency, such as any amenities, and also able to talk about potential concerns, such as proximity to the highway. You should be able to talk about nearby schools or shopping centers, available parking and what type of tenant lives in the property, such as in an apartment complex.

Customer Service

Leasing executives provide a range of customer services. You may talk to tenants about problems in their homes or apartments, such as a broken toilet, and figure out how to best solve the problem, such as by hiring a plumber to come and fix the toilet. Some properties expect leasing executives to stay in touch with residents during their tenancy and other properties require leasing executives to maintain records on all of available and leased properties.

Other Responsibilities

Leasing executives may oversee one or more properties. Part of this oversight may include occasionally checking on the premises and setting up maintenance when necessary. They may advertise their available properties, such as in newspapers or online listings. A leasing executive may also check a prospective tenant’s credit by calling one or more credit bureaus.

Education and Experience

A property management company will consider your education and experience together when reviewing your qualifications. Atlantic Pacific Management, for example, wants their leasing executives to have at least a high school diploma and between one and two years of relevant leasing experience. WinnCompanies in Lowell, Mass., prefers its leasing executives have some experience in leasing, sales or hospitality, and at least a high school diploma.


You should have proven customer service experience and impeccable verbal and written communication skills. You should have a valid driver’s license and a clean driving record. You should be able to work well with others and independently, use basic word-processing software and know how to multitask. Some properties require leasing executives know more than one language, such as English and Spanish. You may also need to pass a background and drug test. Depending on where you work, you also may need to meet rental or leasing goals.


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