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Jobs That Will Never Be Boring

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In its 2013 America’s Workforce survey, consulting firm Kelton Global found that 25 percent of workers feel bored in their jobs. The line that determines when a job becomes boring is different for everyone. As a general rule, however, jobs that continually challenge, compel and reward you are less likely to be boring. These jobs can be found in various industries.

Onward and Upward

Any job that lets you realize and develop more of your potential likely will never be boring. This can be true for the executive who eventually starts a consulting firm as well as the recovering addict who lands his first job stocking shelves. Jobs that let you develop your creative talent, such as filmmaking, journalism, acting or being a musician, can be exciting and challenging as well. Certain jobs are also exciting because they’re in growing demand. For example, among the jobs that SmartPlanet’s contributing editor, Joe McKendrick, listed as most rewarding in 2013 based on their proximity to growing business trends included entrepreneur, data scientist, college professor, urban planner and sci-fi author.

Living the Dream

It’s hard to be bored with a job that you worked hard to land. Finally being able to work in your chosen profession after completing a degree can be deeply rewarding. For example, technology and healthcare professions -- including software developers, nurses, physicians and dentists -- are among the top 10 best jobs of 2013 as analyzed and ranked by “U.S. News & World Report,” which ranks jobs based on factors such as job security, high salary, future prospects, stress levels and professional fulfillment. These kinds of professions continually provide new challenges and interactions that demand your expertise.

Working on Purpose

A job will never get boring when it lets you serve people in ways that contribute to society or otherwise feed a deeper meaning in your life. For example, clergy was ranked as the best occupation in terms of job satisfaction and general happiness in a 2007 study by the University of Chicago’s National Opinion Research Center. Other jobs that ranked among the top five in the study included physical therapist, firefighter, education administrator and sculptor. These jobs quench a thirst in workers who want to help or inspire others.

Make It or Leave It

A job can be interesting because you find ways to make it so. For example, a part-time customer service job at a department store might be excruciating to a college student. But it can be an interesting, low-stress change for an accomplished retiree looking to get out of the house and around new people. Ultimately, any job can become boring if you think you don’t belong there, aren’t appreciated or have no room to grow. Asking your boss for more challenging work or more responsibility can liven up your current job. Brainstorming the kinds of challenges, people and environments that excite you could help you recognize the type of job that will never bore you.


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