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What Jobs Are Available in the USPS With a Bachelor's Degree?

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The United States Postal Service, or USPS, has long been a desired place to work because of their competitive pay, health benefits, and participation in the federal retirement program. Though many jobs with the USPS don't require a bachelor's degree, many management positions with the USPS do require higher education. Knowing which USPS jobs require a bachelor's degree can help job candidates track the career that is best for them.

Organization Management

The USPS is an enormous organization that employs an estimated 522,000 people and delivers roughly 40 percent of all mail on a daily basis. An organization of this size requires managers who have bachelor's and master's degrees in organizational management and business administration. The USPS organizational structure is divided into five management structures. In order from largest to smallest they include: USPS headquarters in Washington D.C., USPS service areas, service districts, district processing and distribution centers, and local Post Offices. Management positions requiring a bachelor's degree can typically be found at headquarters, area, and district levels of the USPS organizational structure.

Purchasing Specialist

Beyond management positions, another common job with USPS that requires a minimum of a bachelor's degree is in purchasing and supply management. This job requires a degree in fields such as supply chain management, economics, marketing or finance. In this position, purchasing specialists work with high-volume customers, such as magazine publishers, to ensure the USPS meets their demands. Duties typically include analytical assessment of customer needs, identification of customer problems, and the development of innovative solutions to address supply-chain issues with large contract customers. Purchasing-specialist positions are typically centered at USPS headquarters.

Financial Auditing Jobs

Another job available to job seeker's holding a bachelor's degree in a field such as accounting or finance is financial auditing. USPS auditors work to reduce waste and fraud in USPS areas and divisions by carefully tracking revenue and expenditures. USPS auditors are expected to identify any improper use or accounting of funds, and to identify appropriate solutions for alleviating identified errors. Auditing jobs are commonly housed under the USPS's Office of Inspector General, which is an office specifically designed for the purpose of eliminating fraud and waste within the USPS.


The USPS also staffs engineering specialists who help design and maintain industrial sorting equipment across the United States. The USPS has processed over 160 billion mail pieces, which requires increasingly sophisticated processing equipment. USPS engineers work to design and retrofit sorting equipment in ways that make the process more accurate and more efficient. Work in an engineering position for the USPS requires a bachelor's or master's degree in industrial or manufacturing engineering from an accredited engineering school.


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