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Job Description for the Head of Marketing & Sales in a Clothing Company

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The head of marketing and sales in a clothing company tracks sales of products and ensures the success of future marketing campaigns. He might analyze sales numbers or communicate directly with retailers to learn about customers' needs. To earn this position, you need an undergraduate degree in business, finance or a field related to fashion as well as years of experience in clothing industry areas related to sales and marketing.

Analyzing Sales and Creating Budgets

A head of sales and marketing for a clothing company understands how much a company can sell, how much it should manufacture and how much it will need to advertise. This involves understanding markets within the larger clothing industry. For example, a head of sales and marketing might see that adult women's dresses and accessories are top sellers, but that men's casual wear isn't selling as well. The head of marketing and sales might want to create a budget that allows for greater attention to women's wear so the company can dominate a particular part of the market.

Creating a Public Face

As a high-profile marketing professional, a head of marketing and sales needs to work closely with creative professionals in the marketing or advertising departments to come up with descriptions, images, and slogans for a company's clothes. Likewise, he needs to understand where and how to market clothes. Marketing casual outfits to young women might require concentration on fashionable websites, while couture fashion requires concentration on fashion shows and ads in specialty magazines.

Monitoring Customer Needs

One of the key skills for a head of marketing and sales is communication. Not only must a sales and marketing head be able to communicate the image and values of a clothing company, but he must be able to get the necessary information to create realistic budgets and effective marketing campaigns. For example, if market research provides evidence that consumers find certain looks dated, the head of marketing must find more up-to-date styles. This job duty also involves keeping up with sales numbers at various stores in particular regions.

Overseeing Sales and Marketing Staff

In most cases, the head of marketing and sales has a team of managers that he must instruct. These managers might represent divisions in sales as well as departments that create and sell ads. This means that the head of marketing and sales must be well versed in different procedures. He has to consult managers and staff who direct sales and create campaigns that appeal to customers. While the head might not make many hands-on decisions, he usually must sign off on big decisions and devise big-picture strategies.


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