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Job Description and Duties of Middle Management

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According to Reference for Business, there are three main levels of management: top-level, middle-level, and first-level. Managers are needed to carry out supervisory tasks, motivate personnel and keep employees on a strategic organizational path envisioned by executives.

Supervise Employees

Middle managers plan meetings, set agendas for company personnel, delegate responsibilities to first-level managers and employees, and much more. Problem-solving skills and decision-making abilities are required by a middle manager as she oversees departmental projects. Middle managers are available to personnel for questions, comments and suggestions. The position requires the manager to hire competent employees by utilizing proper screening and interview techniques. The middle manager seeks out qualified staff who will carry out the company's plan.


An organization requires middle management to motivate first-level managers and other employees. Incentives, meetings, recognition and job advancement are a few methods often used by middle management to motivate employees, and ensure loyalty and company morale. The middle manager must have superior communication and listening skills to reap optimum productivity results from employees.

Implement Organizational Strategy

Middle managers set goals for departments and divisions in order to carry out the vision of the company or organization. The role of a middle manager requires an in-depth knowledge of the company's goals and plans, and the know-how to communicate these goals and plans to the employees. Middle managers meet with high-level executives to communicate departmental successes and failures as well as suggest alternative strategies to achieve goals.


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