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Is a Phone Interview Always Necessary for California Unemployment?

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When you apply for unemployment insurance in California, you will be scheduled for a phone interview only if the Employment Development Department has questions about your eligibility for benefits. You will be notified of the scheduled date and time by mail. Even after you are approved for benefits, you still may be scheduled for a phone interview if questions arise concerning your continued eligibility.

Issues That Raise Eligibility Questions

When you first apply for unemployment benefits, EDD requires you to be able to work, actively seeking work, available to work and willing to accept work suitable to your ability. You also cannot be out of work through your own fault. If EDD has concerns about your ability to meet these requirements, you will be scheduled for a phone interview to clear up any questions. If you've already been approved for benefits, EDD will schedule a phone interview for such concerns as not being available to work during a particular week, since availability is a requirement for continued eligibility.

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