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International Student Adviser Job Description

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The United States is increasingly becoming an attractive education destination for international students. According to a 2012 "Open Door" report from the Institute of International Education, more than 760,000 foreign students arrived in the U.S. last year, up from 723,000 in 2011. These students need an international student adviser to help them adapt to their new surroundings. The adviser works in the international affairs department of an institution and coordinates service delivery to international students.

Immigration Assistance

An international student adviser assists foreign students in complying with student immigration requirements. He should enlighten them on the regulations, go over their paperwork and provide them with valuable tips. International students also rely on the adviser to tap the services and resources necessary to fulfill immigration rules. Absolute confidentiality is important when an international student adviser is assisting foreign learners in tackling any immigration issues. He should monitor the legal status of a student and advise accordingly.

Student Workshops

International student advisers organize various events, such as orientation programs and employment workshops that tackle the interests of international students. The organization of orientation programs often aims to introduce new international students to their institutions. In assisting new students to familiarize themselves with the campus, the adviser assists them to gain accommodation either on or off campus. An adviser also has the responsibility of preparing cross-cultural programs to enable students to learn more about American culture.

Compiling Student Information

The maintenance of detailed and accurate student records falls within the job description of an international student adviser. He needs the I-14440 and Student Exchange Visitor Immigration System databases to process accurate information about students’ activities. This role further entails maintaining current information on issues that affect international students. Foreign students also rely on the adviser to help them with resource lists for important services, such as housing, doctors and lawyers.

Policy Development

International student advisers also formulate relevant policies and procedures pertaining to the needs of international learners. They must furnish the Office of International Students with these policies. The office also needs the adviser to prepare and provide it with necessary material for fulfilling the needs of the students. The development, maintenance and evaluation of the procedures and policies are within the realm of an international student adviser’s responsibilities. In addition, he provides training, assistance and supervision to a student.