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International Business Development Manager Job Description

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International business development managers use marketing strategies and leadership skills to generate and keep customers in international markets for a variety of industries. Entrance into this field requires you to earn a bachelor’s degree, but employers prefer a master’s. Additionally, you can gain certification through a professional organization to demonstrate professional prowess in business management.

Education and Training

Working as an international business development manager requires a bachelor’s degree in business administration or management and several years of experience in business development, international policy, international marketing and information technology. Typically, employers require anywhere from two to 10 years of experience. Additionally, employers prefer a master’s degree in international business development, international studies or public policy. International business development managers that want to demonstrate their business savvy and professional expertise can also earn the certified business manager credential offered through the Association of Professionals in Business Management, which requires completion of a four-part exam.

Acquired Skills

International business development managers need advanced knowledge of finance as well as innovative leadership ability to work with clients to address budgeting challenges. A thorough understanding of international business strategies and regulations, decision-making skills and design thinking is also a must. As an international business expert, you need marketing skills to research new markets and sales techniques. These workers also require exceptional written and verbal communication skills to converse with clients in a friendly, engaging manner.

Daily Tasks

Serving industries like agriculture, biotechnology, health care, energy and manufacturing, international business development managers make strategic plans to gain international customers and research new markets. They must create business plans and manage financial assessments. These workers also manage the company’s relationships with partners and formulate marketing activities and policies for promoting companies' services. As an international business development manager, you'll monitor all international business transactions and anticipate any problems. You work to generate leads for sales and marketing staff and provide recommendations for improvements for achieving global business goals. Additional job duties may include making cold calls, gathering information about potential international clients, generating leads and writing reports.

Career Outlook

The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that marketing managers, including international business development managers, will see a 9-percent increase in employment opportunities through 2024, about as fast as the national average for all occupations. Marketing managers are least likely to be let go, than other managers, as long as companies seek professionals to market their products.


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