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The Job Description for a Production Secretary

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A production secretary works in the film and television industries and provides administrative assistance to either a production manager or a production coordinator. This position requires you to perform traditional secretarial duties, and depending on the production company, you may also perform the responsibilities of a production assistant. A production secretary is paid hourly, but the position is considered an entry-level position to help you get your foot in the door.


The duties a production secretary performs depend on the production company that he works for. Production secretaries can be responsible for doing regular administrative duties, such as filing paperwork, taking messages, collecting and passing out time sheets, ordering office supplies, taking notes at business meetings, and related duties. A production secretary is also responsible for handling important contracts, script changes, and legal documents. In smaller production houses, a production secretary may fill in for a production assistant and perform those duties. This position may also require you to be the right-hand man to the film producer or director. Depending on the film or television producer you work for, you may work in an office most of the time, or you may be moving from film location to film location.

Skills Required

To be a successful production secretary, you must be hard-working, efficient, and have excellent communication skills. You must be organized and calm, even in the midst of a chaotic film set. The ability to prioritize tasks and to understand how the film and television industry works is a plus. A production secretary must be a quick learner, have superior telephone skills, and have the ability to multitask effectively.

Average Salary

A production secretary is an hourly position, and the pay is low. On average, at time of publication, a production secretary can make between $24,000 and $37,290 a year. Most production secretaries agree to the job in the hopes that they can climb up the career ladder. You may come in as a production secretary, make important connections, and end up becoming a production assistant, researcher, or even an important executive’s personal assistant.

Training and Education

A production secretary is an entry-level position that does not require any type of formal training or education. However, the film industry is a competitive field, so prospective production secretaries can get a leg up by having knowledge of word processing, spreadsheets and Photoshop. A college degree is also attractive but not required.


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