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What to Expect on a Bank Teller Assessment Test

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Banks traditionally give assessment tests to prospective bank tellers to make sure they have the skills necessary to succeed in the position. Tests stress math and language skills and may also include some questions to assess the applicant's personality or specialty bank skills such as coding. Arrive at the test center on time – early if possible. Keep the majority of your personal belongings at home, as you will need to stow your bags and any books below your desk or in a locker. The test scores will help your prospective employer decide whether to hire you.


Expect two sections of questions covering subjects such as verbal fluency and math over a period of time that can range from 46 to 55 minutes of testing time, with additional time allotted for administration. Many times, prospective bank tellers will take the test on a computer, with scrap paper allowed for math problems. If the test isn't on a computer, candidates will be given a test booklet or other materials on which they can answer the test questions.


The bank teller assessment test will cover verbal fluency. Candidates will answer a series of vocabulary questions. The test may require them to read passages and then answer a series of questions to uncover their level of reading comprehension. Tests may also include questions on grammar and punctuation. Test takers may have to evaluate sentences for punctuation or spelling errors.


Candidates taking the bank teller assessment test must answer mathematical questions. They will have to add, subtract, divide and answer logic questions. Logic questions may include evaluating a series of numbers and deciding which number should come next. The answers are usually multiple choice, and so candidates can choose answers using the process of elimination if they are unsure of the answer. Whether candidates can use calculators during the test will vary by test administrator.


Some bank teller assessment tests will cover candidates' personality traits. Questions will seek to uncover how well a candidate handles stress, cooperates with colleagues and demonstrates concern for others. The personality portion of the test can evaluate whether a candidate has integrity, can adapt to changing circumstances and can control his reactions when responding to difficult situations. These sections traditionally contain questions that allow the test administrators to detect if test takers are lying.

Other Skills

Some bank teller assessment tests may evaluate a candidate's knowledge of bank coding. Banks use coding to communicate various financial situations, such as whether the institution must hold a check due to insufficient funds. Because of the high degree of accuracy required in the position, prospective tellers may also be tested on their attention to detail.

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