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What Are the Benefits of Multitasking?

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Multitasking has been heralded as one of the best ways to get ahead, both at work and at home. Doing more than one thing at a time can increase efficiency, productivity, free up more time, and in some cases, save you money. By understanding the benefits of multitasking, you can determine whether it's a good idea for you and your particular situation or line of work.

Saving Time

One of the most obvious and important benefits of multitasking is it enables you to save time. Rather than doing one thing after the other, you combine tasks so you can more quickly get everything done. For instance, rather than spending an hour on the treadmill and then listening to a language course on tape for another hour, do them at the same time and save an hour of your day. Multitasking allows people to free up more time for the things they enjoy, such as their families or hobbies.

Saving Money

For employers, multitasking can save a lot of money. If you're able to use multitasking to do things you'd otherwise delegate to employees or others, you can save money. Rather than hiring someone to file papers for you, do this while you're on the telephone with a client. When you can use multitasking to decrease the number of employees needed or the number of hours they work, you can save money.

Increasing Productivity

Multitasking increases productivity for everyone. If a company has three employees who can multitask effectively, they will accomplish a lot more than the same number of workers who do not multitask. This could decrease the time needed for projects and certain tasks. For an individual, multitasking can even increase productivity around the house. This is especially helpful when someone has a lot to accomplish, such as during holidays or special events.

Prevents Procrastination

Those who multitask will be less likely to procrastinate between tasks. Such people will be more motivated because they will see what they're getting done and achieving. When someone is multitasking, it's more difficult to find the time to procrastinate and therefore waste time.


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