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Professions That Use Protractors in Their Everyday Life

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Protractors allow people to measure exact angles and make precise measurements, and professions that require detailed drawings often make use of the tool. While computers have made the lives of these designers much easier, professionals still must have the basic skills with hand-drawn tools to fully understand the nature of the job as well as to make quick changes and hand drawings.


Surveyors measure plots of land for governments, contractors, architects and engineers. Surveyors use protractors to accurately measure angles and give precise calculations about the geography of the places surveyed. Tools like protractors are very important for surveyors because an inaccurately surveyed area may result in legal disputes or even accidents if, for example, a builder uses a surveyor’s calculations to build a building and accidentally breaks a natural gas line.


Drafters prepare technical drawings using precise and calculated measurements. Drafters take sketches, measurements and directions from designers to translate into designs with clear specifications that allow the design to become a reality. Builders and manufacturers use the technical drawing created by drafters to create buildings an products; drafters therefore must use precise techniques to eliminate any errors. While drafters often use computers to do the drawings today, the drafters still need to be familiar with traditional drafting techniques to make small changes as well as to understand the nature of the drawings made.


Engineers use protractors for a variety of the designs created. A civil engineer designing a bridge may use a protractor to make precise angle calculations to ensure the bridge he hopes to build will support the anticipated weight load. Another engineer may use a protractor to make precise drawings for a new type of car engine or artificial limb. Because so much of an engineer’s job depends on exact measurements, engineers must be familiar with tools like protractors.


Architects use protractors to design buildings and structures. In order to stand securely, buildings must be free of design flaws and this makes accurate designs essential. Architects will use protractors to calculate exactly the specific measurements of each design and in doing so ensure that the building will be able to withstand the strain the architect anticipates the building will receive.


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