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What Kind of Job Can I Get With an Associates in Architecture?

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Architecture is one of those rare career fields that combines an artist’s creativity with a mathematician’s precision. Prospective architects, then, may wish to test the waters, so to speak, with an associate degree in architecture. Such a degree provides not only a foundational base for those looking to pursue further education in architecture, but can also be used as a tool to start gaining on-the-job experience in a number of architecture-related environments.

Architect Assistant

As an architect assistant, you may find yourself responsible for duties including the preparation and development of architectural drawings according to client specifications. An architect assistant also assists an architect in the handling of drawings for home and commercial construction and work with specialized programs like computer assisted drawing while giving support to the architect to find technical solutions to technical problems that arise in the design process. assistant reviews and make changes to drawings and plans as directed and also ensures that architectural projects are completed within the assigned time limits.


Another career possibility for the individual with an architect associates degree is architectural drafter. A drafter’s main responsibility is to create structural plans for construction projects like the building and remodeling of homes, office buildings, schools and other facilities. A drafter is also responsible for all of the measurements and structural planning that goes into these projects. Drafters also collect ideas, notes and sketches from other professionals to create the plans and to remove any errors more efficiently.

Specification Writer

A specification writer describes the different types of materials used in construction to the builders, as well as instructing builders on how to use the materials. These are areas addressed in most architect associates degree programs. Further, a specification writer is an important part of larger construction projects. As larger projects are designed by several offices, the specification writer must ensure that all materials and systems will work together effectively. A specification writer is also aware of all building products on the market or has a library of catalogs for builders to use.


Another possible venue to put your associates degree to good use is as an architectural estimator. The duties of an architectural estimator include estimation and review of the costs for building construction and rehabilitation projects. This information is taken from project reports, plans, specifications, reference materials, records and estimates. An architectural estimator is concerned with material quantities, material costs, labor costs, overhead, as well as the construction site preparation. Estimators work closely with designers, owners and contractors to coordinate and estimate the work and ensure changes are made when necessary.


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