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Jobs for Teens 16 & Up

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

For many teens, finding their first job is a rite of passage that enables them to earn their own money. Although many 16-year-olds are still in school, a part-time job will help to improve social skills, maturity and independence. There are a range of jobs suitable for teens who are looking to get their first taste of life at work. From tutoring others to bagging groceries, opportunities exist for hardworking and personable teens.

Service Jobs

There are many services that you can offer to friends, family and neighbors that could attract a small fee. Think about what you enjoy and are good at that could be turned into an opportunity to earn a little extra cash. For teens who adore animals, offer a dog-walking or cat-sitting service to local neighbors. If you are experienced at dealing with younger siblings, ask around to see if anyone requires your babysitting services. Other service options include car-washing or lawn-mowing.

Grocery Store

Many grocery stores employ individuals age 16 and over to help with a range of duties. Most commonly, those new to grocery store work can be found bagging customer goods, retrieving shopping carts or replenishing stock on the shelves. Grocery store work is suitable for those who enjoy interacting with members of the public and have an outgoing nature.


For teens who excel in a particular subject, tutoring can be great way to make some extra cash. During busy exam periods, the demand for tutors is often higher, which means there are many opportunities for tutors in a range of subjects. From tutoring a student who is several years younger, to helping those of a similar age in a struggling subject, no two tutor jobs are the same. Tutors are also required in the creative subjects, making it a good opportunity for teens who have spent many years taking music or dance lessons.

Restaurant Work

Although teens may not be initially employed as a server, there are a number of other jobs within the food industry that employ a great number of young people. Many teens are often employed by local restaurants to work as busboys, hosts and dishwashers. Some progress to other roles within the restaurant after a little experience. Restaurant work can have additional perks, such as free or heavily subsidized meals during work time.