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Salary of a Broadway Dancer

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Dancers on a Broadway show receive a minimum weekly salary according to contracts negotiated by the Actor's Equity Association. The agreements outline salary minimums as well as additional pay according to additional duties performed other than dancing on stage.

Minimum Salary for Broadway Dancers

As of 2015, the minimum pay a dancer receives for performing in a Broadway play is $1,861 per week. In comparison, off-Broadway dancers receive a minimum that ranges from $566 per week for a show that grosses $100,000 to $199,999 weekly to $1,008 per week for a show that grosses $351,000 and above, with compensation paid according to the size of the house. Usually, only stars of a production receive a significantly higher weekly salary.

Incremental Pay Add-Ons

A Broadway dancer acting as a dance captain earns an additional $372.20 per week while the assistant dance captain adds $186.10 to his paycheck. Overtime pay is $44 per hour and travel overtime is $37 per hour. The following list shows some additional increments that dancers may receive:

  • Playing chorus part/specialty - $20
  • Understudy chorus part/specialty - $15
  • Run-of-play/Term - $200
  • Media Fee - $37.22 (musicals only, plays optional)
  • Extraordinary Risk - $20
  • Chorus 6 month rider - $80
  • Chorus 6 month extension - $40


Broadway dancers only draw a salary during the run of the performance.


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