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Performance Standards for a Front Desk Clerk

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Most companies have performance standards for employees. Performance standards are the criteria for success that the company establishes, and that set of criteria is attainable, specific, observable, meaningful and measurable. As a front desk clerk, you must meet your company's specific performance standards in order to successfully perform the essential functions of your job. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2008, 230,300 people were front desk clerks; in 2018, this number is expected to rise to 261,700.

Personal Skills

As the first line of customer service, the front desk clerk is usually the first person most people come into contact with, especially in the lodging or hospitality business. So be professional and courteous, and extend that level of business conduct to all clients and co-workers. Your friendly demeanor is a performance standard for this type of position, and you want to demontrate this level of professionalism with clients who are in person or whom you talk to on the telephone.


Front desk clerks must be proficient at handling multiple tasks at one time, for instance, scheduling appointments for managers while still answering calls. You may be required to file paperwork while greeting customers. During the initial interview process, the employer will let you know what tasks they want you to complete and when. If you work as a hotel front desk clerk, then you may be required to meet, greet and assign rooms to guests. This requires you to be knowledgeable on the standard policies and procedures of the hotel.


As a front desk clerk, you must know how to operate basic equipment such as a photocopier and the telephone system. For those working in a hotel environment, it is imperative that you know how to use the computerized reservation, rooming assignment and billing systems.

Other Standards

Attendance is an important part of this position. In order to meet an employer's expectations, you must be on the job. You may need to work holidays, weekends or evenings. A front desk clerk must have experience in problem solving. As a clerk in the hospitality field, you must field guest complaints and resolve issues in a timely manner. You must also deal with staff issues regarding maintenance and housekeeping.


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