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Qualities of an Accountant

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You love math. Math tests are easy and the thought of working with numbers as a career is exciting. Many people who enjoy math end up becoming accountants, but a love and understanding of math are not the only qualities these professionals must have. Personal and business accountants must also be honest, hardworking and dependable to successfully do their job.

Math Skills

Accountants must display superior math skills. Clients rely on accountants to keep their financial files correctly filled out and in order. An accountant must be confident in his work and be able to make computations virtually error free. While some math education is involved in successfully completing an accounting degree, a certain amount of mathematical skill or acumen must already be present.


Accountants have a lot of responsibility over very sensitive information. Clients expect honesty from an accountant since he's one of the few people who actually sees the financial side of families or successful and failing businesses. Accountants are expected to properly and honestly look over financial documents without faking numbers or recording false data.

Detail Oriented and Organized

Accountants are paid to look for errors in paperwork. They must pay attention to the fine details of a document to successfully find discrepancies. An accountant must successfully identify properly filled out documents and keep careful records for clients, which means that attention to detail is absolutely vital when performing the job. Organizational skills are also required, since accountants must keep financial documents filed in a way that allows easy accessibility.

Critical Thinking and Intelligence

Critical thinking and looking at situations in various ways are important aspects of an accounting job. Accountants must be able to analyze financial documents and offer financial advice to the company or individual regarding the best path to take in order to avoid financial crisis. Intelligence is required to fully understand a situation and make quick decisions. Accountants must also be well read in other areas such as law and auditing.