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What Type of Lab Coats for a Nurse Practitioner?

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A nurse practitioner is an advanced nurse who has completed a Master's or Doctorate program and has received Board Certification in a specialty such as family practice, women's health, pediatrics or acute care. These healthcare professionals often spend hours in the lab, so they need lab coats that fit comfortably and are designed to help them carry out their various tasks.

Nurse Practitioner Lab Coats

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Medical lab coats are designed for doctors, nurses and nurse practitioners. The lab coat is a symbol of medical professionalism, as the coats are identified with doctors. Manufacturers customize the lab coats with the professional's name, title and logos so they make a good impression on patients and other medical workers.

But the lab coat also serves a function with its many pockets to hold pens, notepads and other necessary tools of the trade. The lab coats also have slits that allow the nurse practitioner access to his own personal clothing that can hold cell phones or important keys.

Lab Coats

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A lab coat that should be worn by the nurse practitioner can be designed to fit her medical specialty. Pediatric lab coats come with child-like designs on them so as to not frighten small children. The function of the lab coat is to keep the nurse practitioner's personal clothes clean and free of germs. Manufacturers are now making lab coats in sizes that reflect the growing number of females entering the medical profession. The lab coats for the nurse practitioner are stain resistant, made of soft fabric and wick moisture away so the professional can remain comfortable all day.

Nurse Practitioners

The nurse practitioner often works along with a medical doctor and has the same level of expertise in his specialty field as the doctor. Nurse practitioners work in community health centers, hospitals, private physician offices, home health-care agencies, as well as many other medical facilities. Some nurse practitioners open their own offices to provide direct care to patients. Nurse practitioners can specialize in midwifery, which is a growing option for women having babies in a more natural environment.

What a Nurse Practitioner Should Wear

A nurse practitioner should wear the same lab coats that all medical professionals wear. The lab coat should signify the level of respect for the knowledge, education, training and competency of the nurse practitioner.


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