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Ideas for a Motivational Sales Meeting

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Motivating your staff is a primary role of an effective sales manager. One challenge is to get your salespeople to identify prospects and convert them to buyers without the use of incentives and contests. While these tools are handy at times, in the long run you need sellers who are motivated by goal orientation, professionalism and teamwork.

Celebrate Achievements

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Meetings are a great place to recognize and praise the achievements of your top-performing salespeople, and successful salespeople are often driven by an internal desire to achieve. Take time at each meeting to make note of how well they are doing. Reward salespeople who make a first big sale, complete one year with the organization, close a deal on a major account or reach an important sales volume threshold. Praising teams or the entire staff for collective accomplishments is effective as well.

Play Games

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A brief and fun game at the start of a meeting makes for a great icebreaker, brings out the competitive spirit of salespeople and builds a culture of fun that can be motivating. Have your staff pick favorite board games or social games, and rotate them in for each meeting. Amplify the fun and motivation by awarding prizes or holding contests for the team members who win. Even a simple certificate or flyer on the office bulletin board can add energy to the team.

Turn Over Control

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Turning over some level of control for the direction of your sales meeting can motivate your staff as well. For example, allow each veteran sales member to lead a presentation or discussion. This approach empowers your staff, makes them feel valued and sets up a form of mentorship. Ask an expert user of customer relationship management software to lead a session on the benefits or applications of office technology. Let a successful closer lead training on effective techniques.

Clarify Goals

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Clarify your office goals, as well as those of particular sales teams, during your meetings. Top sellers thrive on clear, concrete objectives. If your company's current focus is to build up its customer base, convey that message at a meeting. You might state, "Over the next two months, our goal as an office is to increase our customer base by 15 percent. I have no doubt, since you have proven effective in the past at generating leads, that we can reach this target. Let's work together, share prospecting ideas, and let me know what resources I can help with." This message is specific, positive and focused.