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10 Qualities of Good Employers

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Whether you are unemployed or considering a career switch, you should know how to choose a quality employer. Different aspects make an employer good, and they do not necessarily have to do with pay. Remember that it is not only the employer looking for someone who fits with their company; employees also has to believe the company is right for them.

Future Growth

A good employer will have a potential for growth and expansion. The company should be growing, or at least be in an industry that is on solid ground. Do not risk taking a job in an unstable company or industry.

Personal Growth

A good employer will provide opportunities for employees to grow. Unless you are being hired at the top, you want to have the potential to move up in salary, job title and responsibilities.

Financial Perks

Check if the company offers a pension or retirement plan, and also see if these benefits will contribute anything on top of your own monthly retirement ontribution. Other financial perks include profit sharing, incentive pay, bonuses, and health and life insurance.

Personal Perks

Personal perks include vacation days, sick days and maternity leave. A good employer will have paid sick and vacation time, and offer some sort of maternity leave. Some companies even offer paternity leave, which may be paid or unpaid.

Insurance Benefits

Insurance benefits may be of utmost importance, particularly if you have or are planning to have a family. A good employer will offer some sort of benefits plan, which should cover medical insurance. Some companies even offer dental and vision insurance. Find out what your contribution will be and ensure it meeds the needs of you and your family.

Recruitment and Selection

A good employer will hire the best person for the job, regardless of race, gender or age. The company should also promote within the company using fair system based on the employee's work ethic and not personal relationships or opinions.

Safe and Healthy Environment

A safe, healthy environment at work is essential for a good employer. This varies depending on the industry, but make sure the company you are considering is adheres to all safety and health standards.

Employee Support and Development

Exceptional employers will provide support and career development for their employees. This may mean something as simple as an easy-to-approach human resources department. Employers should also offer some sort of education and development so employees can further their skills to reach higher career goals. If you are entering a new industry or job description, you should receive sufficient training to do the job well.

Flexibility and Culture

Flexibility, work culture and lifestyle can be an added benefit of a quality employer. Ensure your potential employer has someone else to do your job if you are sick or your kids get sick. Also, a company that provides opportunities to work from home or flexible schedules can be attractive. A good employer will also provide a strong picture of what your day/hours/week will look like prior to hiring you.

Harrasment Prevention

Harassment prevention is an important quality of any good employer. If there is no one to turn to if you are sexually or emotionally harassed in the workplace, then you may have a problem. Check that the employer has a system in place for dealing with these situations.

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