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Exceptional Reasons to Leave a Good Job for a Great One

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If you have an exceptional job you enjoy, it can be difficult to justify leaving it when a better opportunity comes along. Weigh the pros and cons of making a move and consider how it will affect your long-term personal and professional goals. Before making a decision, talk to your current boss and find out whether there’s any way for your company to “sweeten the pot” to make it worth your while to stay.

Career Advancement

If you have high ambitions and your career trajectory is limited at your current job, moving on to a new company with significant opportunity for growth and professional development is a valid reason to make the jump. Examine your career path and determine where you want to be in the long term. If your current employer can't offer similar types of opportunities for you to grow professionally, consider how far you could potentially go with another employer.

Earning Potential

Even in the best jobs, earning potential can be limited based on the size of the company and its budget. Moving on to an employer that offers a substantial increase in salary can give you financial security over the long-term. Even if salary and job growth is comparable between your existing job and a new job offer, take into consideration the value of perks and benefits, such as bonuses, profit-sharing and retirement plans.

Leadership Opportunities

If a leadership position is important to you, leaving a good job for the opportunity to lead at another is a valid career move. Transitioning into a managerial role often means an elevated title, new status and higher salary. This is can be especially rewarding if you feel underutilized in your current position, or want to take on new challenges and direct your own team.

Professional Challenge

Move from a “safe” job into an exciting new endeavor to get your creative juices going. Sometimes, a career can stagnate, and a shake-up in the status quo is necessary to get you excited about your profession again. If a new opportunity presents itself and opens the door to new levels of work, higher-profile assignments and the chance to push yourself, it may be a worthwhile pursuit.


An employer who gives you flex scheduling options can be a major draw. You made decide to change jobs because a new one offers better work-life balance, or allows you to pursue personal interests or care for a family. Measure the value that telecommuting, working from home or job sharing represents.


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