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Overseas Millwright Jobs

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Millwrights are in charge of assembling, operating and resolving any issue related to the functioning of heavy machinery. These machines help with tasks, such as constructing an assembly line or working on pumping stations. As a consequence of globalization and the unification of international markets, there are plenty of millwright job opportunities overseas. Transnational enterprises that require millwright professionals have been established in almost every country of the world.

Millwrights in Mines

A great job opportunity for millwrights is to work for a transnational mining enterprise. These types of enterprises are always searching for capable millwrights who are willing to work abroad and travel often. When working for one of these companies, the millwright’s job will basically consist of constructing the heavy machinery mining enterprises use on a daily basis. These machines include grinders, trucks and refinement machines. The millwright will also be in charge of giving technical support when one of these machines fail.

Millwrights Teaching Abroad

A great overseas millwright job is to teach at an international academy, especially in countries where industries haven’t developed enough to have a sufficient number of millwright professionals. This happens in many South American countries, such as Peru and Bolivia. In these countries, millwrights are sought after by public and private technical academies. Millwrights will work at these sites as visiting professors for a determined period of time. These millwrights will pass on their knowledge to students in order to form professionals according to the country’s industry needs.

Canadian Food Companies

Big Canadian companies dedicated to the food industry currently seek for millwrights capable of checking and monitoring all of their machinery and making a general diagnosis. The millwright will be in charge of doing the research, offering solutions for problems and applying the solutions. Your job in these food companies will be related to pneumatic, hydraulic and electrical failures in machinery.

Entyce in South Africa

Entyce is an enterprise dedicated to the production of beverages. In Entyce’s plant, located in Gauteng, South Africa, there are various manufacturing machines that require special attention and maintenance. The millwrights who are accepted for this position will be in charge of guiding the manufacturing process. They will also need to troubleshoot possible failures and defects in this process in order to minimize the undesirable expense of money and time.


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