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Types of Undercover Jobs

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If working incognito is your dream, investigate undercover job opportunities. Law enforcement, the media and private industries utilize undercover employees for special assignments. Undercover professionals strive to gather information about people, organizations or situations while keeping their identities secret. So grab a mustache and a pen as you consider the following undercover jobs.

Private Investigators

Attorneys, businesses and individuals employ private detectives or investigators-for-hire. Services private investigators offer include examinations into backgrounds, email harassment, insurance claims, missing persons cases, partner faithfulness and criminal cases, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Investigators will sometimes take on an alternate identity so they can obtain information or observe people undetected. As part of an investigation, a detective could even gain employment at a business to witness wrongdoing.


If you would enjoy revealing results of undercover assignments to the public, consider becoming an investigative reporter. Journalists produce content for media outlets including newspapers, magazines, radio and television. Sometimes workers in the field go undercover to gather information for news stories. Undercover reporters might pose as customers to reveal business' unethical practices, attempt to perform tasks and report on barriers to success, or risk safety to blend inside war zones. The typical job duties of a reporter include investigating tips, observing events, interviewing people and analyzing documents, according to the BLS.

Store Detectives

Store detectives reduce theft by catching people attempting to steal. Also known as loss prevention agents, store detectives try to stop theft by shoplifters, employees, vendors and delivery personnel. Workers in this role will inspect dressing rooms, inventory rooms and stock areas. Other job duties include preparing security and loss prevention reports, as well as testifying in court against suspected thieves. Some store detectives help open and close their employers' stores.

FBI Agents

FBI agents are the primary investigators for the federal government and sometimes they work undercover. Job duties of an FBI agent include surveillance, wiretap monitoring, record examination, crime investigation and undercover-assignment participation. The FBI investigates corruption, kidnappings, drug trafficking, public corruption and many other types of criminal activity. Some agents investigate issues related to national security. Agents must write reports and keep meticulous records as part of their job duties, the BLS notes.


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