How to Become an Undercover Agent

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How to Become an Undercover Agent. Dreaming of the excitement of being an undercover agent doesn't have to remain a dream any longer. If you long for the intrigue and excitement of acting with your life on the line, then the job is for you. Read on to learn how to become an undercover agent.

Decide what type of undercover agent you wish to be. Police, CIA, FBI or the IRS are a few of the types that you can be. All undercover agents do the same basic thing, blend in with the criminals or foreign powers and gather information.

Apply for hire at the local agency that you have chosen. You don't begin immediately as an undercover agent. You must first start as a rookie.

Apply for the program that will lead you to the specialty. You can become an undercover agent in anything from narcotics to money laundering to mob involvements. Choose a program that is in line with your physical and background attributes.

Study diligently as you take the course. Everything is important if your life depends on it. Make certain that you know as much as possible and memorize everything. It could save your life one day.

Question old timers in the same area. Frequently these agents have valuable stories and bits of information that can help you in your endeavors.

Remain silent about your plans to the outside world. It won't do you good to be an undercover agent if everyone knows that you are one. Silence is golden in this case.

Enjoy your career. If you've chosen the correct area you will be helping our country silently. There is no external praise for an undercover agent.

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