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The Pros & Cons of a Valet Parking Job

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It's the job of a valet parking attendant to park and retrieve cars for guests at places like banquet halls and restaurants. Valet parking is a convenience to guests who don't want to drive around looking for a parking space or walk from the lot to the entrance of the facility. Although valet jobs typically aren't career jobs, they are ways for people to earn money. There are several advantages and disadvantages of holding such a position, however.

Late Hours

Valet parking is commonly an option at high-class restaurants, banquet facilities and hotels. At hotels, valets need to be ready to retrieve a guest's vehicle at all hours of the day. Typically, restaurants and banquet halls only offer valet parking during evening hours, when there's a dinner rush or many people attending a wedding or party. These aren't the usual nine-to-five hours for valet workers. At restaurants and banquet halls, valets have to be on hand until closing time, which often borders on 2 a.m.


Since valets typically work with large groups of people at once, it's important for them to be as quick as possible in parking and retrieving guest vehicles to minimize waiting times. To accomplish this, they'll usually jog to and from cars. Doing this can be looked at as a health benefit to a valet position. Instead of sitting behind a desk for eight hours a day, they're on their feet staying active.

Tiring Work

The hustle and bustle of a valet parking attendant job can also be a disadvantage. Attendants have to be on their feet for the entirety of their shifts, jogging to and from vehicles. Occasionally, they're also required to lift packages and materials up to 50 pounds in weight. And they're supposed to do it all while being polite, friendly and courteous to guests and customers, which can be a challenge after a tiring day on the job. A valet's job doesn't stop in rain, snow or storms.

Driving Cars

Valet parking jobs are good for car enthusiasts. Because valet parking is normally offered at locations where formal events are held, chances are that many of the people attending are going to be driving up in nice vehicles. This gives car lovers a chance to get behind the wheel of a variety of different vehicles, in a sort of informal test drive. To many, it can be an added fringe benefit to the job.

Minimal Education Requirements

There are minimal requirements needed to become a valet attendant. According to Health Care Parking Systems of America, valet workers must be at least 18 years old, possess a valid driver's license and have a high school diploma or equivalent education. They also must be capable of driving vehicles with manual and automatic transmissions and pass a background and drug test.

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