Job Duties of a Walmart Deli Associate

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Since the first Walmart Supercenter opened in 1988, Walmart has been offering all the benefits of a one-stop shopping environment to customers and employees both. The Supercenter concept features a fresh deli, grocery, dairy, frozen foods, and produce alongside general merchandise items like clothing and housewares. This means a lot of shopping -- and also a lot of jobs. Associates working in fresh departments such the deli need to have specific training and competencies not necessarily needed elsewhere in the store.

Essential Functions

"Essential functions" of the deli associate job are duties that recur, and must be performed repeatedly. These include providing excellent customer service; stocking and receiving deli items, such as meats and cheeses; maintaining the department's appearance and cleanliness; and following company policies and procedures as well as local and federal laws regarding food safety. Associates must also usually possess the ability to use powered equipment including a meat and cheese slicer, deep fryer and rotisserie oven.


Potential deli associates are required to be proficient in all of Walmart's stated "competency levels." Competency areas include inventory, food, judgment, customer service, execution and results, planning and improvement, influence and communication, ethics and compliance and adaptability.

Deli workers are required to exceed the expectations of the customers they serve. Each associate must take personal responsibility and hold him or herself accountable for personal actions, as well as have a plan to improve deficiencies. Additionally, the employee must have the ability to change when the needs of the job change.

Physical Activities

Deli associates must be able to lift at least 25 pounds without assistance, and may have to cooperate with team members to lift heavier packages. Additional physical activities of life in the deli include locating merchandise, inspecting equipment, climbing steps and stocking refrigerated items. Fine motor skills, including operating a cash register, working a scale and hand writing order slips, are also required.

Work Environment

The work environment of a deli associate constantly changes. Associates must freely move throughout the department which, depending on the store, can include sloped, slippery and uneven floors. Applicants are required to work varying shifts including nights, weekends and overnights, at least in 24-hour stores. Deli associates also must work in areas of alternating extreme hot and cold temperatures.