List of Crazy Jobs

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Not everyone has aspirations of working at a desk from morning to evening. There are various offbeat jobs that may seem improbable but are available. They need skills -- albeit different ones -- just like any other job. If you ever find yourself without a job, you might try one of these; it is definitely better than being unemployed.

Odor Tester

As the name implies, the job involves testing different odors depending on the industry for which you work. Alternatively, if you work for a business providing odor testing services, you probably get to smell a variety of odors. The job is pleasant or unpleasant depending on the odor you need to test. Testing a new soft drink or a bathroom deodorant is fine but testing human armpits before and after applying deodorants is something else.

Golf Ball Diver

If you have ever wondered what happens to all those balls that golfers knock into the water, here is the answer. A golf ball diver collects them, cleans them up and resells them for a profit. The divers wear scuba diving gear and slip into the pond, crawl through leaves and silt at the bottom to pick up the golf balls. The business is so profitable in fact that there are dedicated companies such as the Golf Ball Diving firm of central Massachusetts.

Furniture Tester

For those who like to lounge around, this is a dream job that pays for doing nothing but sit all day. Furniture testers work for furniture manufacturers to evaluate an intangible quality that determines the sales of an item: comfort. Most companies find out if you are allergic to specific materials or chemicals before hiring you to test their products. Once selected for the job, all you do is sit on that couch or lounge on the bed and give feedback about your experience.

Professional Sleeper

This is probably the only position where you are encouraged and even paid to sleep on the job. People with the gift of snoozing participate in sleep research projects. Whether the study of sleep and waking patterns, or an analysis of brain activity during different stages of sleep, or research on insomnia, the professional sleeper’s job involves just sleeping through it as doctors and researchers monitor some relevant parameter.