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In a world where people are increasingly focused on work-life balance, sometimes the easiest way to achieve harmony is to live at work. Jobs with living quarters typically offer a place to live as a part of your compensation package, but employers of live-in employees are still required to pay at least minimum wage.

Child and Young Adult Care

If you like children, a job as a live-in nanny could be a dream gig, but your options don't end there. If you have a knack for outdoor life and need a summer job, consider becoming a camp counselor. If you're a student, you might consider signing up to become a dorm resident advisor. Adults interested in helping college students adjust to campus life might consider gigs as "dorm moms" or "fraternity moms," who help students living independently for the first time adjust to the challenges of adult life.

Facility Managers

Some facilities require round-the-clock care and customer service. Storage facilities, for example, may need someone to talk to customers 24 hours a day, and sometimes provide apartments or lofts. Apartments and condos frequently hire live-in managers or maintenance people who answer customer questions, fix emergency maintenance problems and oversee the apartment outside of working hours.

Farm and Agriculture Jobs

Because farms and agricultural facilities are often situated far away from cities, these venues sometimes hire live-in help. Ranch managers, for example, oversee the daily operations of a ranch, feed animals and help visitors. They may live on-site permanently or on a seasonal basis. Some farms need seasonal live-in help to pick and sort crops, manage a harvest, plant new seedlings and tackle pest control challenges.

Wildlife Preservation and Management

If you love the great outdoors, you might consider a job living in a national park. These positions range from entry-level jobs where you answer questions and phones to park ranger positions that require extensive outdoor knowledge and skill. Some parks and wildlife preservation facilities may also hire animal and wildlife experts, including veterinarians and wildlife rehabilitators, to live on-site and manage animals outside of working hours.


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