A List of Ready-to-Eat Foods

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Convenient, ready-to-eat foods are useful for when you're camping, hiking or taking a long drive. Knowing about different ready-to-eat foods gives you the ability to select some of your own for emergencies or for snacking. Ready-to-eat foods can be healthy and nutritious or indulgent for special occasions.

Fruits, Nuts and Herbs

Fruit Basket on a Table

Nature provides us with a wide array of ready-to-eat foods all around us. From commonly known edibles like apples, peanuts and other produce to forage foods, enjoying nature's ready-to-eat foods is nutritious and tasty. Obtain and keep on hand resources for identifying edible berries, nuts and other foods in the wilderness when you are camping and enjoying the outdoors. Not only does this educate you on wilderness survival, but it gives you a warm weather hobby as well.

For instance, a little known survivalist food that is ready-to-eat is pine bark. From the white pine, the inner pulp of the bark can be chopped into, peeled away and eaten on the spot. It can also be cooked in recipes and brewed in teas.

Dehydrated Foods

Dried Apples

Dehydrated, packaged foods are convenient and store for long periods of time. Beef jerky, packaged sausage sticks and dried banana chips are all ready-to-eat foods that can be enjoyed while on the go, or just because you feel like it. If you have a home dehydrator, you can dry your own foods and package them for cost-friendly convenience and personal nutrition. Making your own ready-to-eat dehydrated foods ahead of time allows you to store them for ease of use.

Canned Foods

High angle view of cans filled with vegetables

Convenient canned foods that are ready-to-eat encompass a myriad of food types. Sardines, tuna, canned oysters and even canned, prepared chicken salad can all be enjoyed with a pack of crackers without any other preparation. Canned Vienna sausages, potted meat and other assorted canned meats are ready-to-eat, as well. In addition to canned meats, canned pasta meals are available such as ravioli, spaghetti and meatballs and even macaroni and cheese depending on the brand.


The epitome of ready-to-eat food is the MRE, or Meal, Ready to Eat. Used by the US military and a variety of outdoors, hunting and survivalist associations, these prepackaged meals are literally ready-to-eat directly from each package. Some even come with their own heating elements that are optional for when you want a warm meal. MREs come in a seemingly endless array of flavors including lasagna, pork chops and apple sauce, beef patty and pasta and so many more. There are even vegetarian versions.


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