Good Objective Lines for a Resume

Growth Trends for Related Jobs

A good career objective hooks an employer’s attention and makes her want to read the rest of the resume. It tells the employer what type of job the applicant wants and what kind of experience he has. An objective is short and to the point, using positive wording to indicate your good work ethic and commitment to doing your best. It also clearly expresses important information about a job applicant.

Administrative Assistant

If you are applying for an administrative assistant position, clearly indicate the exact job for which you are applying in your resume objective. This is important especially if the employer is hiring for more than one position. Write the title that is mentioned in the job advertisement, or the type of job you want if you are not answering an advertisement. For example, you might write, “Experienced administrative assistant seeks position as Administrative Assistant II with ABC Community College.”


If you are new to a profession, highlight your experience related to the position as well as your career goals in your resume objective. For example, if you are seeking a management position, you might write, “Sales associate with proven record of exceeding individual quarterly sales goals set by corporate headquarters seeks position in management training program.”

Child Care

Also indicate the type of work environment in which you want to be employed in your career objective. If you are a child care provider, for example, you could say, “Experienced child care professional with 10 years of experience seeks teacher assistant position in an academically oriented, private preschool.” Stating what kind of company you want to work for is not required in objectives, but it does give the employer a better idea of your career goals and values. This is valuable in determining whether you are likely to fit in with the company’s culture.


The objective is also a good place to mention some of your skills. Although they may be listed in detail in your resume, an employer likes to know up front what skills you have that are particularly relevant to the job for which you are applying. For example, if you are a house painter, you can indicate in your resume or job application objective, “Painter with 10 years of experience in spraying, rolling, brushing, faux finishing, applying lacquer and stain seeks position as a house painter.”