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Good Jobs for a Yellow Personality Type

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Satisfaction on the job often depends on finding a position that works well with your personality type. People with yellow personalities, as defined by Carol Ritberger in her book "What Color is Your Personality," are self-confident perfectionists. Such personalities often fare well as scientists, attorneys and writers because each of these jobs requires research skills.

Yellow Personalities Are Confident

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Ritberger describes yellow personalities as self-reliant people who possess self-respect. They depend on their intellectual abilities to solve problems, and a basic belief in their ability to succeed causes them to tackle problems head-on; they are often leaders in their fields. A drive to problem-solve and understand all angles of an issue makes the someone with a yellow personality an expert researcher, which bodes well in many careers.


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Attorneys must possess strong research skills and have problem-solving abilities. Their time is spent consulting with clients, conducting in-depth law research, discovering the best angle of presenting a case and preparing presentations. Many attorneys appear in court on behalf of clients, which requires the self-confidence possessed by people with yellow personalities.


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Successful writers are expert researchers. Authors of fiction and nonfiction research facts to add veracity to their articles. The ability to search out large and small facts to enhance their work is one hallmark of a good writer. Yellow personalities have a strong natural curiosity to understand everything.


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The science field is one of perfection and exactness. Experiments, research and formula development require that everything fit in a neat package that can be repeated over and over again. The driving desire to uncover answers and to be sure they are accurate serves yellow personalities well in this field. Whether working in the medical profession or conducting research about the universe, the yellow personality thrives in the sciences.