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Abilities Needed to Be a Lawyer

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Every lawyer must have certain abilities to accomplish their tasks. These abilities do not come from skills, intelligence or training, but are natural. A lawyer can be successful without these abilities, but can become frustrated or unhappy because the abilities lawyer's require come harder to them than to lawyer's who have natural abilities.

Expression and Comprehension

A lawyer must have the ability to express, orally and in writing, and comprehend the legal ideas necessary to win the argument the lawyer has been assigned. This ability to communicate is essential in transmitting ideas or information so other people can understand them. It also is important when filing legal documents.

Analytical Ability

A lawyer must have analytical abilities. These abilities allow lawyers to resolve the legal elements of a problem. Lawyers spend a lot of their time analyzing the nature of an issue as well as the significance of a particular problem, and then determine how best to answer those problems or issues. Lawyers must be able to identify and foresee problems from a lot of information and legal issues, and then find a solution within the legal guidelines that best fit their idea or argument. A good lawyer often can find relationships involving a combination of events or people that seem to have no relationship.

Problem-Solving Skills

One of the most important abilities needed to be a lawyer is the ability to problem solve when issues arise. They must be able to identify problems, define the issues, identify the proper authorities in regard to the issues, and then apply the law to the facts.


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