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The Best Second Jobs for Teachers

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It's common for teachers to work a second job. In fact, a 2010 study by Sam Houston State University faculty showed that, on average, teachers spent 15.2 hours on their extra jobs each week during the school year. With both full-time and part-time teachers struggling to make ends meet, an increasing number seek a second job. Because not all second jobs are equal, it helps to determine which jobs can seamlessly complement a teacher’s lifestyle.

Teaching as a Lifestyle

Becoming a teacher is a big responsibility. Teachers prepare for class, keep records, grade papers and answer emails daily, and they often spend their "free" time attending conferences, completing training and conducting research. According to the “The Academic Job Search Handbook” by Mary Heiberger and Julia Vick, “When you plan your academic career, inevitably you’re planning the rest of your life as well.” Because careers are built by reputation and work ethic, selecting a second job with a high degree of professionalism is a must.

Library Clerk

Look on city websites for library clerk openings. Becoming a library staff member usually requires a college degree and the ability to work and communicate effectively with people from diverse backgrounds and varying abilities. Promoting literacy, research skills and technological aptitude is an essential part of the job, the same skills teachers use.


Scan online or local college listings and become a tutor. Help others improve their reading and math skills or prepare for tests such as the SAT, ACT or GRE. Prepare to be asked to document your own test scores, because some centers have minimum score requirements.

Adjunct Professor

Send your teaching application materials to local community colleges. Apply whether or not an opening is listed, as the schools are always on the lookout for talented and experienced teachers to add to their contacts. Remaining flexible is a must; a teaching position may be offered the day before class begins.

Test Scorer

Search the newspaper or online for positions as a test scorer, someone hired to assign points to students' answers on standardized reading and math tests. Training is provided, and those who do well on the practice runs will be offered employment that may last from one to three months. Speed and accuracy are required. Successful test scorers may be rehired for multiple testing seasons.

Bookstore Clerk

Cruise malls and website postings of your favorite bookstore. Keeping retail hours, working evenings and weekends can fit a teacher’s schedule and still leave time for grading. Eliminate concerns about being spotted by one of your students by applying to a store in a neighboring town.


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