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Qualities of a Physical Education Teacher

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A physical education teacher is trained and educated in athletic training and physical education. The physical education teacher also has a four-year degree in education with a focus on health and physical education, kinesiology or physiology. The qualities of a P.E. teacher are difficult to assess, but easy to spot. Morals, character, knowledge and communications skills are all good qualities in a physical education teacher.

Exemplary Character

A physical education teacher must exhibit exemplary character. Working with children is a demanding task and cannot be done by just any person. His honesty cannot be questioned, and morals must be dominate in a P.E. teacher. The teachers must treat every student equally and fairly. A P.E. teacher's character must be beyond question because of the close proximity the teacher has with the students. He must touch the students to show the correct stretching method and how to properly throw a ball and assist the students with the proper exercise techniques.

Communications skills

Excellent communications skills enable the physical education teacher to explain activities to the students. A P.E. teacher cannot be afraid to speak in front of the students. Directing and instructing physical activity is an essential part of physical education. Communicating the rules of the physical activity chosen that school day or the techniques utilized by the students to perform a physical activity are both important instructional qualities of a P.E. teacher. Possessing communications skills in a classroom setting is important since many P.E. teachers instruct students in health and wellness classes such as nutrition and biology.


Good organizational skills are another quality a P.E. teacher must possess. The physical education teacher must record and report on the progress of each student. Maintaining an accurate record of this progress is important to enable the P.E. teacher to record the grades and evaluate the physical skills of her students. The P.E. teacher has to maintain organization of the athletic programs the students are performing. This organizational quality allows the P.E. teacher to assess the effects of each activity from day-to-day. The teacher must keep track of which students need more attention and which students are more physically capable.


A good P.E. teacher is enthusiastic about his job. This quality can be passed onto the students because if the teacher is enthusiastic, the students become enthusiastic about the activities or athletic training. A P.E. teacher must make the activities fun, competitive and cooperative all at the same time. This breeds teamwork and friendships, while still keeping the students active. This quality also includes motivating students to perform the physical activities and to have fun performing those activities. Recognizing what motivates each student in the P.E. class is a quality that every P.E. teacher needs. Many P.E. teachers coach sports teams, and the ability to motivate players is key to success.

Physical Qualities

A P.E. teacher must be educated knowledgeable in a variety of sports such as tennis, basketball, football, baseball, softball, rock climbing, aerobics, gymnastics and a host of other disciplines. The quality of recognizing what sports require teamwork and what sports are individual is a P.E. teacher's responsibility. P.E. teachers must be physically fit themselves. They must be mindful of the nutritional needs of the students and teach those nutritional needs.


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