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The Average Salary of a U.S. Customs Broker

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A U.S. customs broker is responsible for preparing customs documentation and ensuring his clients meet federal requirements for importing and exporting goods. Customs brokers often will conduct customs business on behalf of their clients, including submitting documentation to clear goods entering the country. Brokers charge their clients a fee for their services. Their salary ranges depending on the broker's experience, skill and location.

Average Salary Range

According to O*Net Online as of 2013, the average salary of a U.S. customs broker is $66,090 annually or $31.78 an hour. In 2014, Indeed reported an average salary of $51,000 for customs brokers. Salaries vary depending on the geographic location. As of 2014, a customs broker in Florida earns about $48,000 a year, but in Tampa the average is $44,000 and $49,000 in Miami. California customs brokers make about $55,000 a year, but a San Francisco customs broker makes about $70,000. In New York, the average salary is $62,000, with salaries ranging from $58,000 in Albany to $70,000 in Manhattan.

Education and Certification

Customs brokers must be licensed. To earn a license, you must pass the Customs Broker License Examination, submit a license application, including paying a $200 fee and have the application approved by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. Brokers need to know customs entry procedures, valuations and duty rates as well as taxes and fees for imported items. You also must be a U.S. citizen and not a federal employee.