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Movie Theater Attendant Job Description

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A movie theater attendant performs entry-level duties that include customer service, maintenance, food service and special event assistance. In some movie theaters, an attendant performs a variety of duties, while in others, an attendant focuses on a particular task during his shift.

Customer Service

A movie theater attendant performs basic customer service duties: taking tickets, dealing with questions about pricing and promotions, and performing usher duties. A movie theater attendant organizes lines for major movie releases, acts as a security guard during the movie and walks through the movie several times each showing, ensuring patrons are safe and the room is secure.


The attendant also performs basic maintenance. Sweeping popcorn and debris off the theater floor, picking up other trash, and returning items to the lost and found are all on his to-do list. Taking out garbage and cleaning up concession areas and washrooms may be additional duties if there isn't a full maintenance or cleaning team; in smaller organizations, the movie theater attendant is a jack of all trades.


Assisting with sales, taking cash, credit and debit cards, and balancing a cash register at the end of a shift are typical duties of a movie theater attendant working a shift at the front desk. Completing refund transactions, issuing gift cards and answering questions about movie times and release dates are other core responsibilities.

Issue Management

A movie theater attendant determines when to refer irate customers to management. Notifying management of a problem and assisting managers with challenging situations, especially during peak periods of business, are part of the job. Completing on-the-job training in CPR and on-the-job safety are duties for many movie theater attendants.


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