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Hotel Office Administration Job Descriptions

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Hotels need workers with a variety of skill levels. Some have visible jobs with constant guest interaction, such as a front desk clerk. Others, such as maintenance workers, only see guests when a problem arises in the room. Those who work in hospital administration often are management-level employees, overseeing the work of other staff members with minimal guest contact.

General Manager

Hotel managers shoulder the daily responsibility of keeping the facility running smoothly, making sure it's stocked with everything it needs, has adequately trained staff members on site and that guests' needs are addressed promptly. General managers create and manage budgets for the hotel. They often delegate some duties to others, such as an assistant general manager. Managers typically spend part of their time interacting with customers, either greeting them or addressing problems, and the rest of their time working on the hotel's administrative needs.

Guest Services Manager

Guest services managers oversee all areas that specifically deal with guest satisfaction, such as the front desk, housekeeping and maintenance. They don't typically interact with guests unless problems arise. Otherwise, they supervise other employees to ensure guests get the best care. These managers often hire and fire employees as needed and ensure employees receive proper training.


Not all hotels have sales positions, and some, such as those for hotel chains, might be regional jobs. General managers and assistant general managers sometimes handle sales if there's no dedicated sales position. If there is, however, these professionals help market the hotel through avenues such as brochures, trade shows and Internet or television ads. They reach out to groups looking for lodging, often targeting those in town for specific scheduled events. Hotels with meeting facilities use salespeople to book special events as well.

Other Positions

Depending on the hotel, other administrative positions might exist. Some hotels hire full-time bookkeepers, while others use night auditors who work the front desk and handle daily bookkeeping duties overnight. Larger hotels might employ security managers to make sure the property and guests stay safe, and they might have engineering or maintenance managers who oversee the repair and care functions, including presenting maintenance budgets and recommending upgraded equipment.


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