How Much Money Does a Law Mediator Make in a Year?

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Law mediators earned an average of $70,740 per year, according to 2014 data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. Mediators, who must have at least a bachelor's degree, work in a variety of settings, including government agencies, businesses, hospitals and universities. They help opposing parties resolve conflict and reach mutual agreements outside the courtroom. Salaries for mediators vary based upon the area of the country they live in and the setting in which they work.

Pay Range

Yearly law mediator salaries vary widely from the annual average of $70,740. In fact, the highest paid 10 percent of mediators earned upward of $121,050 per year, the BLS reported in 2014. Mediators in the lowest 10 percent for earnings brought home an average of $33,200 per year.

Earnings by Location

Wages for law mediators are highest in the state of New Jersey, where the average annual salary was $85,480, according to the BLS. Mediators employed in the state of Wisconsin also enjoyed high salaries, with an average annual wage of $85,410. Mediator salaries were also exceptionally high in the Milwaukee, Wis., area, where the average earnings were $105,530 per year. Wages were lowest in West Virginia, where the average yearly wage was $38,440. In Montana, the average mediator earned considerably less than the national average salary, with yearly earnings of $41,710.

Salaries in Different Settings

The highest-paying employment setting for law mediators was the federal executive branch, where the average yearly pay in 2014 was $122,170, according to the BLS. Mediators employed by hospitals earned $97,990, on average, and those working for local governments earned $66,250. Salaries were lowest at social advocacy organizations, where the average mediator earned $60,350.