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Job Description for a Modular Specialist at Walmart

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Modular specialists plan displays, coordinate the arrangement of merchandise and set up in-store models of furniture and clothing. They are responsible for the set-up of racks and units used for merchandising equipment, and work in conjunction with sales associates, merchandising staff, managers and area directors. Walmart is the world's largest retailer, and each store features an assortment of modular units; a Walmart store often hires and retains several modular specialists. In larger stores, the modular specialist is responsible for a specific unit, but in smaller stores, a specialist may be responsible for an assortment of departments.

Technical Skills

A modular specialist possesses strong technical skills and is able to interpret instructions when assembling new displays, racks or other merchandising units. Walmart is an especially busy retailer, and the modular specialist must be able to work within the assigned timelines and meet goals.

Customer Skills

Although this role does not interact directly with customers, there may be times when the modular specialist has to set-up displays or conduct business during regular working hours, and the modular specialist should always be prepared to showcase Walmart service and a commitment to customer satisfaction. The modular specialist must use these same customer service skills for managing relationships with in-store stakeholders, such as coworkers and other managers.

Organizational Skills

A modular specialist uses strong organizational capabilities, together with her time-management abilities, to plan the work day and work through major in-store reassignments of inventory, displays and other merchandising units. During store renovations or revisions, the modular specialist will play an important role in the realignment of store departments and appropriate displays and racks.

Work Skills

A modular specialist may often work abnormal hours, such as through the night, to set-up new displays. Working when stores are closed provides opportunities for in-store development without risks to customers. Other work skills required for a Walmart modular specialist include the ability to problem solve and adhere to policies and guidelines associated with employment by Walmart.