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How to Identify Goals & Objectives

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Achieving success as a business is difficult without setting goals and objectives. A common formula followed in business when setting these parameters is the SMART program. Adapted by George Doran in 1981, this system suggests creating Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound objectives to achieve goals. To set goals, formulate objectives fitting the company's values that are detailed and realistic. These objectives should also have a deadline and be able to be tracked in terms of progress and success.

Among Management

Setting goals and objectives at the management level involves promoting the company's mission, and one goal to strive for is job satisfaction among employees. One measurable goal that can be set with management is monitoring employee turnover. A company can encourage the management team to track their department's turnover rates for one year. Within this time, they can hold workshops educating employees about the company's values and meet one-on-one with workers to gauge their job satisfaction.

Between Co-workers

Promoting teamwork is a value that contributes to a company's success. One goal that can be set among co-workers is creating a more cohesive work atmosphere. An example of a team-related goal at the employee level is having more team-building opportunities. For example, if the company wants to raise awareness of safety issues at work, it can split each department into separate groups that monitor different safety aspects within the company. These teams can then be given further measurable goals such as reducing accidents on the job.

With Customers

If the company has identified a weak spot in working with its customers, improving that aspect of customer service is a solid goal. For example, if customers complain that the call center is not sufficiently educated about one of its products, the company can set a measurable goal to improve that satisfaction by a certain percentage. The company can put together educational programs about its products and services for call center representatives and then measure customer satisfaction after a set period of time.

Regarding a Company's Product or Service

Improving upon a product or service the company creates is another goal to set. A measurable goal that would align with a computer company's mission is to stay on top of the latest technology. Making sure that the new version of a software is on the market by a deadline and rivals the competition is a goal for many computer-related companies. Other examples of industries that can monitor various service aspects of their businesses are educational systems and fast food companies.