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How to Talk Like a Trucker

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The lingo used by truckers on their CB radios is often imitated, but not always correctly. Truckers have their own slang for almost everything related to the road. Whether you're looking into becoming a trucker yourself, promoting a business with a tucker gimmick, starring in the new "Smokey and the Bandit" movie or participating in National Talk Like a Trucker Day, it's vital that you learn to talk like a trucker correctly.

Learn all of the correct terminology related to a semi truck. Remember that if someone calls you on your facade once you learn to talk like a trucker, you'll have to be able to back up the slang with some real knowledge. Learn from an actual truck driver if you can; that way your knowledge will be more authentic.

Spend some time talking into a CB radio. Know that if you don't know how to work a CB and speak into it's mircophone correctly you will not sound authentic when you talk like a trucker, even if you know all of the slang terms. Practice holding the microphone at the correct distance so others can understand you. Remember to hold down the button when using your CB so that you won't be talking to yourself.

Learn all of the necessary slang; just being able to say "Breaker breaker" and "Come on back" doesn't qualify. Know that truckers have a term for almost anything, from the names of cities to animals to other types of truckers. Memorize as many of the slang words used by truckers as you can.

Practice talking like a trucker until doing so feels natural.


If you're trying to convince someone you can actually drive a semi truck, don't let them see you wearing a 3-piece suit.