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How to Start an Online Motorcycle Parts Business

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Motorcycles are not only a cost-effective way of saving gas and effortlessly maneuvering through traffic, but they also also offer motorcycle enthusiasts a way to customize their vehicle according to their tastes. Starting a motorcycle parts business online allows your customers to purchase motorcycle parts that are typically cheaper. An online business offers customers more variety than a physical motorcycle parts shop. In addition to selling motorcycle parts, you can establish an online forum for motorcycle enthusiasts to meet one another and discuss motorcycle topics.

Properly structure your business by obtaining a federal tax ID number and either incorporating with your Secretary of State or obtaining a business license. In order to receive motorcycle parts at wholesale prices, wholesalers may need you to prove that you are in business. Usually, a tax ID number is required in order to check your business credit. Obtain your tax ID number by going to the Secretary of State’s website or contacting an IRS agent over the phone. There is no cost for receiving a tax ID number.

Find a supplier for your motorcycle parts. Locate suppliers that can offer you motorcycle parts at the the best wholesale pricing so you can maximize profit when you sell at retail prices. Consider selecting motorcycle parts suppliers that operate overseas. Use overseas import export sites like and To check for quality and shipping times, request a sample of each motorcycle part from your potential wholesale supplier. Contact motorcycle suppliers like Kawasaki, Honda and Harley Davidson directly to determine if you can be an authorized dealer for their parts.

Select a domain name for your motorcycle parts business. A domain name is the web address that users will type into their Internet browser to reach your parts business. Domain registration typically costs as little as $1 to over $14 per year. Choose a domain name that is memorable, catchy and easy to spell.

Purchase web hosting for your website. Web hosts maintain the content and the traffic that come to your website. Web hosts are highly competitive so expect prices to be as low as $3 to over $100 per month. Start with an inexpensive web hosting package, and if your business grows, your web host may require you to upgrade to a more expensive package.

Sketch out the content, colors and style of your website. If possible, use word processing software so you can perform a spell check for grammatical and spelling errors.

Design your motorcycle website either by using website templates or by hiring a freelance web designer. You may find it more challenging to use web templates to design a motorcycle parts website since it is an e-commerce website. Consider hiring a freelance web designer by going to sites like, and

Advertise your motorcycle business by targeting online forums where motorcycle enthusiasts may discuss motorcycles. Consider setting up an eBay store that links to your motorcycle parts website, as well as search engine optimization and Google AdWords.


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