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How to Start an Indoor Paintball Business

Paintball is your passion, and you've decided you want to make a business out of this popular activity. Playing paintball is fun and exhilarating, but starting up an indoor paintball business requires work, organization and know-how. This step-by-step guide will help you start your own paintball business.

How to Start an Indoor Paintball Business

Write a business plan. This must be as detailed as possible. Give information about the location of the business, the equipment needed to operate the business, the fees associated with daily operations, and the logistics on how exactly it will run on a day-to-day basis. Include the number and description of employees needed to operate the business, and expected profits.

Research loan opportunities and take your business plan to your chosen bank to apply for a loan. Start-up costs for an indoor paintball business can run tens of thousands of dollars, so know the costs associated with the business before you apply for the loan.

Purchase plenty of liability insurance. Because paintball can be dangerous, make sure you, your employees, and your clientele are protected in case of injury.

Find a location. For an indoor paintball field you will require a very large space. Some possible locations include abandoned grocery or large outlet stores, or warehouses. You will want to research the location to find out if there is competition in the area, and if there is a certain clientele in the area that you will need to attract to your business.

If you have neighbors on either side of your chosen paintball location, you may want to soundproof the walls to avoid any potential noise complaints. Paintball is a loud sport.

Consider the layout of your space. Purchase equipment such as paintball turf, field bunkers and netting if needed. You will also need to purchase an air fill station, safety signs, paintballs, guns and compressors in bulk in order to readily provide these materials to your clientele. In addition, masks and other safety equipment will be necessary to start a successful paintball business.

Advertise -- as soon as construction has begun, even before you have started your business. Put flyers in local schools and colleges, as well as any place young people might congregate. Get the word out that you are opening a paintball business. Offer coupons to get people in the door, then offer incentives such as one free game after 10 completed games in order to get repeat business. Continually update your business plan to ensure your business becomes and remains successful.


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