How to Start a Tree Farm

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Trees are one of our greatest natural resources, but they can also be a great business if you start a tree farm. Helpful in any effort to start a tree farm are agencies that will tell you exactly what to do and how to do it. That way you do not have to dig and scramble to learn what to do, you can avoid costly mistakes, and you can have a successful tree farm.

Make sure that a tree farm is the type of business that you want to start. A tree farm can be fairly easy to start and maintain. Once you have your land and a plan, pay a crew to do the planting for you. This will cost money, but they will know exactly how to plant the seedlings for best growth. The right irrigation system will also make your job much easier. The down side is pest control and having to wait until the trees are mature enough to sell. A tree farm is not a business for someone who wants to make a profit in the first few years.

Contact the American Tree Farm System to obtain help writing a plan and for certification. If this is your business, you will want to have your tree farm certified.

Once you have decided to have a tree farm, you know what type of tree you will grow and you have a plan and are certified, file for a tax exemption for your property. Take the written plan to your local tax office. If you have trees on your property and you are managing them, you may qualify for a forestry management exemption. Usually, you will have to wait for a period after filing for the exemption before you actually receive it.